bobby (unspokentearz) wrote,


this journal has too many memories in it.
over the years i have found myself, found out who i am going to be in the future.
most of the things i wrote in here are a bunch of bullshit,
nothing but a younger child looking for love an acheiving nothing.
but i found love, i found someone that loves me as much as i love them,
and now that i look at the past, and the things i've said or done,
i can't do anything but laugh. laugh at how foolish i use to be.
i reliezed that growing up changes you, even when you think you'll never change.
my life right now is what i'll be looking at for the next few years, and i love it like this.
i have great friends that would die for me, and a wonderful girlfriend thats my entire world,
and i know she's going to stay, i know shes going to be in my life for a long time.
life is so real that it's almost unreal.
i love you kimberly nicole schneider <3
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