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if i had..

One of the many things I've enjoyed in life is love. It's something that changes everything you'll ever think about or experience. There's a time in life when there is no love. When there's noone to have or hold or love. I've been in that time. Its not very exciting or bold. It's rather modern and boring.

One of the many other things I've had the pleasure of experiencing is a good freindship. There was a time in life when I had a friend I could trust, like, and tell all my secrets to. I lost that friend when I disobeyed that trust. It wasn't purposely something i did but it happened. I'm still very good friends with that person but the tension between us isn't as great as it used to be. I miss the old days. The days when playground time was spent chasing girls, or what we called flirting back then, and when you're friends didn't care how you dressed or what you ate. Critocism was nothing back then but as you grow you notice that people slowly start to hate you and dislike how you dress and criticize you on how you eat. We all have a kid inside. Some of us kill that kid once we grow up. I'm gonna hold onto my kid as long as I can.

To all of you fuckers who think you can rule me, I hate you.
To all of you who think you can say anything to hurt me, I hate you.
To all of you who think you have everything above me, I hate you.
And for all of you who think I'm nothing, I hate you.
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